Before and After

When I am heading out to the field I try to find the best composition at the location. Well that might take a while depends on how much time I have before the light is exactly as I want it to be. If you are in a hurry, then its quite stressful to find the best position for the shot.

Anyways I am trying to visualize how the final picture should look like. In post process I then want to go for the same look as it was when I took the shot. At least as close as I have memorized the scenic view.

But sometimes it’s going to be all different. It pretty much depends on the mood when I do post processing.

However here are some examples of how the raw pictures came out of camera and how they look like after post processing. Enjoy!

Horseshoe Bend, Arizona (USA) Exposure Blending with 3 images

Old Town, Bremgarten AG (CH) Exposure Blending with 3 images

Laax (CH) Exposure Blending with 3 images